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Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials certification scheme was devised by UK government. Its aim was provide organisations with a baseline against which they can measure their ability to protect themselves from cyber attack.


As the standard is not complex and looks at the founding aspects of security, it is a great first step for any organisation looking to embark upon their cyber security journey.


Obtaining certification is also good preparation and experience if you are looking to work towards other standards in the future. 

Having certification allows you to display the Cyber essentials logo on your website which can provide reassurance to customers and clients.

How can we help ?

The Cyber essentials scheme currently provides two forms of certification:

Cyber essentials - This requires the organisation to complete a self assessment questionnaire and attest to the validity of the responses provided. 

We can assist with completion of the questionnaire and implementation of any supporting controls required. For example implementation of patching or firewalls

Cyber essentials plus - This more involved certificate requires organisations to undertake a vulnerability assessment and remediate any issues discovered. We can help with both the questionnaire, remediation tasks and referral to an approved scanning provider / assessor.

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