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Supplier Assurance and Tenders

Organisations are increasingly outsourcing services and solutions to third parties. In recognition of this trend and the growing number of data breaches being incurred by suppliers, risk in the supply chain and tender process is becoming ever more formalised and demanding.

Winning business now often requires organisations not just to have the best product or service but one which can also meet compliance requirements.

This ever-increasing compliance overhead can make tender applications time consuming and complex. Should you go on to win a bid, then you will be likely subject to ongoing assurance and auditing (typically annually).


As you continue to grow your customer base and sales pipelines, managing such tasks can become a significant demand on resource.

Re-alitek can assist by helping you to understand these complex questionnaires, meet their requirements and move your organisation to an assurance ready posture.

Typical areas of questioning

​Information Security

  • Service context and type

  • Risk profile of the organisation

  • Requests for accreditation

  • Granular questions regarding  specifics of your information security and privacy landscape.

  • Personnel security and screening

  • Security policies and procedures and records keeping.

  • Asset and incident management.

  • Hardening of devices and environments

  • Patch Management

  • And much more...

Business Continuity

  • Details of policies, plans, and testing

  • Records of testing


  • How do you ensure suppliers meet these same requirements

Environmental requirements

  • WEEE

  • ISO 14001

Quality Assurance 


  • How services and products quality is guaranteed

  • ISO 9001

Compliance and Corporate Responsibility

  • Health and Safety

  • ​Anti Bribery policies

  • Modern Slavery Act

  • Diversity and equality

  • The GDPR

Our team can help with all aspects of supplier assurance and compliance, we can also create and manage assurance schemes for your own supply chain.

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