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Specialists in ISO 27001 implementation and consultancy

Security and Governace

Security and Governance

Supplier Assurance
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IT Sevices

IT Services and Solutions

IT Solutions
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We work with organisations to help them get the best from their IT infrastructure. We act as solution architects ensuring your software and hardware choices add maximum value and return on investment.

Our consultants have extensive real world experience delivering IT solutions to meet business needs. From simple projects to the complex, we can help make the difference when it comes to successful delivery.

Our consultants are time served professionals who have held senior positions within the organisations they have worked for. Directly influencing business direction and strategy.

We recognise that IT truly sits at the heart of a business. An enabler that allows you to meet your current and future commercial goals.


We can help establish your technology / business strategy, provide guidance and direction, set and manage budgets, assist with product development and the definition of road maps.

Considering a new project but aren't sure how to deliver it on cost and on time?

Do you have a project that is stuck fast and needs a push? We can help.

From software development to infrastructure and beyond, our team has years of practical experience delivering complex IT and business projects.

Whether its an internal project or client facing contact us to find out how we can help.

About us

We are a group of experienced IT consultants who have been using technology for work and fun since the early days of our youth. We are passionate about our craft and Re-alitek was born from a desire to see technology make real, practical and tangible differences to organisations and the challenges they face. Ultimately, we act as problem solvers for our clients and we take great satisfaction in doing so.

We love what we do and more importantly we love the relationships we form with our clients as we assist them with harnessing the power of technology on their journey.


Over the past decade, our work has seen an ever increasing requirement for organisations, platforms and products to be assured as secure and safe. We recognise that being part of a supply chain or submitting a tender application, places demands on organisations to demonstrate ever higher levels of security, compliance and governance. Having a solid approach to security is now as important as the products and services you sell.

Whilst some organisations have internal teams to manage aspects of this discipline, we understand that many can't or do not wish to (due to cost, or to show independence). This is where our consultants can help - we help clients to identify, understand and mitigate a wide range of organisational risk. From environmental to people, infrastructure, cyber and beyond.


Our mission is to help clients use information security to protect their vital interests and provide them with competitive advantage.

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